3 Ways to Find Peace

1.  Seek 30 minutes of solitude everyday


Even if you think this is not possible due to kids, schedule, etc. and even if you think it’s not something you need, try it for a week.  You’ll never give it up.  Solitude means just that…no TV, electronics or internet.  You must sit with you. What are you afraid of?  You?


2.  Remember that you have survived every moment so far


No matter what is happening right now in your life, no matter what you are anxious about, think about the fact that there have been other times in your life when you were just as scared about the future.  You didn’t see how it was going to work out.  Those times prove that it is more likely that you will survive than that you won’t.  This too shall pass.


3.  Let it go


Can holding on to it, regretting it, being emotionally controlled by it, fearing it or anything else change it?  If you can’t change it, let go.  If it is changeable, then create a plan or solution.  Where there is no solution, let it go.