3 Parenting Tips

  1. If you want to stop the power struggles, reasoning and justification which usually doesn’t end in success, then give up attempts to control the child/teen in the moment and instead, determine to control the outcome of the child’s choices.  

  2. You must only provide consequences you have 100% control over. 
    Ex:  Does insisting they turn over their cell phone to you end up in a battle or attempts to sneak the phone back?  Instead you could temporarily suspend their service.  

  3. Let your child know that you acknowledge they are in control of their choices and you are in control of the outcome of their choices.  They’ll love the fact you aren’t arguing with them or trying to convince them.  The outcome will do the speaking for you!


If you’d like more help with discipline issues, call me to schedule an appointment. I’ll help you learn more ways to have more control and less frustration within your household.   


I also highly recommend following John Rosemond, parenting expert.  John is on Facebook, Twitter, and I recommend his website:  www.rosemond.com