Looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right

Before you head out the door to look for a life-long companion, ask yourself these questions:


  1. What is the most important, deal-breaking, attribute that you are not willing to compromise on?

  2. How do you want this person to deal with and respond to your mistakes, weaknesses, forgetfulness, and opposing behaviors?

  3. What three activities do you imagine this person enjoying and participating in throughout your time together?


It is now time to ask yourself the same questions about yourself:

Do you possess that important attribute that you have decided could not be compromised on in your companion?  

Hoping someone stronger in that area can make you stronger is risky.  You must own the behavior in order to truly attract it.


  1. If you are unable to treat the other person’s weaknesses, etc. in the exact way you would want them to treat yours, you are less likely to have what you really desire in that area.  Go ahead and admit that neither of you will live up to the other’s expectations all the time.  We are human. Practice the Golden Rule.

  2. If you want someone who enjoys attending musical events or is physically active, are you?  If you are looking for a mate in a bar, you may end up with someone who turns to the bar scene when things get tough. Is that the activity you will enjoy together for a lifetime? 

  3. If you want someone who plays golf, runs marathons, attends church, or goes to opera, have you tried doing those things and meeting someone on common ground? 


Align yourself with someone doing at least three things you hope to enjoy together for a lifetime.